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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Dance and the joys it brings :)

 So I was just playing Just Dance with my sister (the one for which this blog is named)
 I love the ridiculousness of the game :) I know that the game is fun, one of my favorite parts is watching other people dance, especially to some of the more promiscuous songs (not in that way), but because to be honest even some of the best dancers I know look utterly ridiculous while trying to follow the dances they're playing, and its even funnier when they're trying to be "sexy"
Don't get me wrong, If Rasputin comes on, I'll be the first to jump up and play it! I know I look ridiculous, but its so much fun, plus hey other people need things to laugh at too. (not that i think people always laugh at me, but hey if your going to laugh at other people, like I do, you have to expect the same back)
Oh and going back to my last post, my favorite way to change subjects?
'how 'bout them Yankees?'
It works EVERY TIME! because then you either go into a conversation in sports or how you don't like sports (hopefully if it the later of the two, you also don't like sports, or it could just be even MORE awkward)
K, I'm done now :)

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